Neightborhood: Mourisca
Year of Rebuilt: 2021
Number of Apartments: 7
Typologies: T0 / T1
GCA: 387 sqm
Price x GCA: 7500€
Sold Out: 20 weeks

Lisbon’s history goes back more than thirty thousand years, where Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims and Christians have lived. Today, it is an international city, constantly evolving and attracting people from all over the world. In this captivating and cosmopolitan city, where many influences from the past still live on. The energy can be felt, and the vibrant dynamism is present in every moment.

The Mouraria neighborhood is one of the perfect quaint neighborhood stays true to itself and holds the heart and soul of Lisbon’s past, while looking to the future. The neighborhood’s multiculturalism is one of Lisbon’s main attractions. A constant fixture for many cultures, where it is visible, the artistic and bohemian identity that has emerged over time. e culture of Fado – Portuguese music certified by UNESCO, with the historical ability to bring together at the table, poets, sailors, and actors, surrendering to the raspy and sensual voices singing stories and memories of life.Within this neighborhood there are many artisan shops, restaurants of various cultures, taverns and traditional grocery shops. These restaurants are distinguished by their originality and by an entire ecosystem that reinforces a personality of innovation and irreverence.

Inside there are new modern spaces and common areas, the whole structure is reinforced with acoustic treatment. Our rehabilitation work preserves both its identity and its elegance, giving a new modern life to the Mourisca project.