Neightborhood: Penha de França
Year of Rebuilt: 2023
Number of Apartments: 6
Typologies: T1 / T1 Duplex | T2 duplex | T3 duplex 
GCA: 656 sqm
Price x GCA: 4500€
Sold out: 4 weeks

At the top of one of Lisbon’s hills, the Penha de França neighborhood is 110 meters high, making it one of the city’s great viewpoints.With an incredible view to the Tejo river, with the horizon getting lost in the Atlantic Ocean, here we can find traditional Portuguese shops, groceries, taverns and restaurants of various cultures.Close to emblematic areas such as Alameda Garden, Almirante Reis, the bigger avenue in Portugal and Largo da Graça, Penha de Français a central, multicultural, and safe neighborhoods, where it is possible to breathe the true essence of the city.

A traditional neighborhood that has succeeded in remaining true to itself and enjoying the change that is taking place in it.The new spaces bring it a new energy and become an obligato-ry stop for lovers of culture, gastronomy and leisure.

A building with history. This project is a tribute to theDutch painter Piet Mondrian, one of the best known modern artists of all time.His compositions of lines and planes in black, white, red, yellow and blue still inspire artists, architects and designers around the world.

T1 to T3 apartments with the highest quality standard and luxury finishes. The luxury and comfort are aligned with the excellent unexposure making it a special and sophisticated project where no detail was forgotten. Inside there are new modern spaces, elevator and common areas. The whole structure is reinforced with acoustic treatment.The simplicity and the elegance is the essential key in this project.All finishes maximize and accentuate the space in a graceful and luxury way, with na ambience of style and comfort. Our rehabilitation work preserved the identity and history of the neighborhood, giving it at the same time a modern and renewed touch