Neightborhood: Graça
Year of Rebuilt: 2020
Number of Apartments: 14
Typologies: T0 / T1 / T2 
GCA: 800 sqm
Price x GCA: 6750€
Sold out: 24 weeks

In the highest of the 7 hills of the city of Lisbon is theBairro da Graça, one of the most traditional and beautiful of the capital.In the Graça neighborhood you can feel the genuine Lis-bon atmosphere and its people

This peculiar neighborhood stay true to itself and enjoy the boiling that happens in it.The new spaces bring a new energy and become a must for lovers of culture, gastronomy and leisure

T0 to T1 apartments with private garden, luxury finishes with the highest quality standard and excellent sun exposure, in a premium area of Lisbon. The simplicity and the elegance is the essential key in this project. All finishes space in a graceful and luxury way, with an ambience of style and comfort.