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New Digital Hub for Lisbon

Junho 5, 2024
Equinix, a leading digital infrastructure company, is set to construct a second data center in…
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O Villa Magna Eco-Resort Hotel & Luxury Branded Residences é o novo projeto da Livingroup

Maio 22, 2024
A LIVINGROUP apresenta o seu mais recente projeto, o Villa Magna Eco-Resort Hotel & Luxury…
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Tourism revenue continues to grow in Portugal

Abril 17, 2024
According to data from INE, February witnessed a continued growth in income from the tourist…

Algarve beaches highlighted globally

Abril 10, 2024
Once again, the beaches of the municipality of Lagoa, in the Algarve, have been distinguished…
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Portuguese cake among 10 best in the world

Abril 3, 2024
Portugal is once again highlighted by the TasteAtlas platform. In the latest update regarding the best cakes from…
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Lisbon named Europe’s Best MICE Destination for the first time

Março 26, 2024
In 2023, Lisbon secured its place as Europe's premier MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions)…
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Top 8 Best Beaches in the Algarve

Março 18, 2024
It's little surprise that the beaches of southern Portugal consistently claim top spots on the…
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Portugal – Best Golf Destination In The World!

Fevereiro 15, 2024
Portugal has been distinguished as the "Best Golf Destination in the World" at the 10th…
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8 amazing places to visit in the Algarve

Fevereiro 6, 2024
The Algarve perfectly harmonizes with the essence of coastal retreats. Commencing with its welcoming beaches…
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Portugal stands out as one of the top destinations for real estate investment

Janeiro 30, 2024
Evolution of the European Real Estate Market: Prospects for 2024: According to the global research…
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Portugal ranked in “safest countries to buy property”

Janeiro 24, 2024
Portugal has been ranked as one of the safest countries in the world to buy…
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Portugal trending for holidays

Dezembro 28, 2023
Portugal is among the top searches on Google Trends, according to Condé Nast Traveler magazine.…
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Portugal 7th safest country in the world

Dezembro 4, 2023
The 17th edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI) ranks Portugal as the 7th safest…
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Sharon Stone joins George Clooney in Portugal development

Novembro 27, 2023
The 65-year-old actress has acquired land at the Costa Terra Golf & Ocean Club development…
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Two Portuguese among the 100 best chefs in the world

Novembro 23, 2023
The winners of the 2023 edition of The Best Chefs awards have been announced, and Portugal has…
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Foreign Real Estate Investment Reigns Supreme in the Algarve

Novembro 7, 2023
Foreign investors in the Algarve are mainly German, British, American and Swiss. The area that…
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Portugal a “rising star” remote working

Novembro 2, 2023
Portugal has been ranked as the 6th best country in the world for remote working.…
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Ultra-rich choosing Portugal

Outubro 23, 2023
There are two Portuguese regions that are among the favourites of the ultra-rich to spend…
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Algarve one of the best destinations in Europe for surfing for beginners

Outubro 16, 2023
The German online travel agency weloveholidays analyzed several European surfing destinations and has concluded that…
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World Cup 2030 to be played in Portugal, Spain and Morocco!

Outubro 9, 2023
The 2030 World Cup will be unprecedented. The competition will take place on not one,…
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The Transformation of Casa das Nunes, in Moura, Alentejo

Setembro 26, 2023
Located in Moura, Alentejo, the palace known as "Casa das Nunes" is one of the…
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Visit beautiful cities with Portugal’s €49 rail pass

Setembro 21, 2023
Óbidos, Aveiro and Porto are some of the cities you can visit with this pass!…
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Comporta: the hamptons of Portugal

Setembro 13, 2023
Comporta is a small village of 1100 people on the base of Tróia Península, wich…
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International Schools in Portugal

Setembro 5, 2023
Considering relocating to Portugal might just be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.…
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Important Facts to Know About Algarve

Agosto 30, 2023
The land of wonderful beaches, quaint villages, enchanting coves and exquisite cuisine, yes, we are talking about the Algarve,…
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Serene saltwater pools in Portugal

Julho 26, 2023
The golden summer weather is back and undoubtedly there are many refreshing options to enjoy…
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54 Zero Pollution beaches in Portugal

Julho 19, 2023
The environmental association Zero has recognised 54 zero Pollution beaches in Portugal, spread over 26 municipalities. The…
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There’s never been a better year to visit Portugal – the cheapest country in Western Europe

Julho 12, 2023
With vast beaches, hilltop castles and buzzing cities this holiday always delivers. We pick 30…
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Understanding Portugal: Navigating the Culture and Connecting With the Locals

Junho 27, 2023
Moving to a new country can be an exciting but often daunting experience, and it's…
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Lisbon and Alentejo have tourist rooms with the highest average income

Junho 15, 2023
At Livingroup, we carefully select and plan our projects, considering the unique characteristics of each…
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Thinking of moving abroad? Portugal one of the best choices for immigrants

Junho 15, 2023
Portugal has seen “substantial improvements” in the integration of immigrants over the last decade, according…
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The Popular Saints: A Portuguese Tradition

Junho 7, 2023
June is a very special month for the Portuguese because it is marked by the…
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Robert de Niro will open a luxury hotel in Lisbon

Maio 23, 2023
Nobu Hotel and Restaurant Lisbon will be located on Avenida da Liberdade, announced the American…
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Anastacia records a videoclip in Lisbon.

Maio 8, 2023
The singer is the author of the popular songs 'Left Outside Alone' and 'I'm Outta…
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Portugal gives way to a greener Hollywood with Europe’s first eco-friendly studio

Abril 20, 2023
The International Audiovisual Center will be in Palmela and involves an investment of 200 million…
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Nicole Kidman buys a house in Lisbon in a luxury area

Abril 10, 2023
Parque das Nações will gain a luxury neighbor. Lisbon Chamber source has already confirmed that…
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This wild stretch of Portuguese coastline is fast becoming ‘Europe’s Hamptons’

Abril 6, 2023
Villa Caetana , proving why Portugal is having such a purple patch. Image: The Collectionist.…
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Record real estate investment in Portugal

Março 16, 2023
Real estate investment in southern Europe (Spain, Italy and Portugal) reached a record value in…
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5 iconic Lisbon streets—and what to do on each

Março 14, 2023
Organize your itinerary around Lisbon’s many lively—and historic—thoroughfares. Terreiro do Paço in Lisbon, Portugal  Lisbon…
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Portugal prepares for carnival

Fevereiro 9, 2023
Portugal is gearing up for carnival.  Parades in their original format have been announced for…
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Government expects record revenues of 20 billion in tourism by 2022

Janeiro 31, 2023
Portugal had the best year ever in tourism in 2019 with 27 million guests and…
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21% of properties selling within 7 days

Janeiro 23, 2023
Despite high inflation and rising interest rates on home loans, the demand for houses to…
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Biden signs Amigos Act into law, granting Portugal access to E-2 investor visas

Janeiro 17, 2023
Following its recent approval by the US Senate in December, the Amigos Act was finally…

Dior chooses Alegria One to open its first store in Portugal!

Janeiro 11, 2023
Dior is preparing to open its first shop in Portugal. The Parisian luxury brand will…
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Where is the cheapest country for US citizens to move to?

Janeiro 9, 2023
Forbes Magazine has chosen Portugal as one of the 10 "cheapest" places to live, particularly…
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Portuguese dishes among the 100 best in the world

Janeiro 4, 2023
TasteAtlas has released their World’s Best Dish rankings for 2022 and Portugal has four included in…
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Europe. One country in recession, eight on the brink and a huge bucket of cold water thrown on Portugal

Dezembro 14, 2022
Now that the third quarter accounts of all the 27 countries have come to light,…
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37% more foreigners living in Portugal

Dezembro 5, 2022
The number of foreigners living in Portugal has increased by 37% since 2011, according to…
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Michelin Guide promises a “historic year” for Portuguese gastronomy

Novembro 23, 2022
The restaurants distinguished in the Michelin Spain and Portugal Guide 2023 will be revealed tomorrow night, at…
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Portugal occupied Times Square for an hour: Portuguese landscapes took over New York

Novembro 21, 2022
There was a countdown, a message from Cristiano Ronaldo, and sixty minutes of Portuguese landscapes…
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New US visitor record for Portugal!

Novembro 16, 2022
There were more tourists coming to Portugal from the USA than from Germany or France…
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Cais do Sodré is the second coolest neighborhood in the World for Time Out magazine

Outubro 17, 2022
This year, Cais do Sodré "is more popular than ever," says Time Out Global magazine.…
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Lisbon is the third European city with the highest growth in the number of millionaires

Setembro 27, 2022
Henley & Partners study reveals changes in millionaires' favourite cities. New York and Tokyo lead…
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Since 2007 never before have houses in Portugal appreciated so much…

Setembro 20, 2022
Reflecting the significant monthly increases seen throughout this year, residential sale prices in Portugal (Mainland)…
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Portuguese economy grows 7.1%

Setembro 6, 2022
Portugal’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 7.1% in the second quarter compared to the…
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“The best time to invest in the Portuguese real estate market is now,” reveals Warren Buffett’s company report.

Setembro 6, 2022
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, a company owned by US billionaire Warren Buffett, recently released its European…
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The USA are already the third most visited country in Portugal

Setembro 1, 2022
The North American market is booming in Portugal in the tourism sector. Among the total…
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Portugal: a “wise investment” for real estate investors

Agosto 29, 2022
According to a study by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, factors such as low interest rates have…
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Portugal among safest countries for women to visit in 2022

Agosto 24, 2022
Nomad Capitalist has compiled a list of the safest countries in the world for women…
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Portugal one of the best countries for higher education

Agosto 23, 2022
The Campus Advisor platforms works as a TripAdvisor, but for university facilities. Topics such as…
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Portugal records second highest GDP growth in the EU in the second quarter

Agosto 22, 2022
Compared to the second quarter of 2021, Portugal registers the second highest GDP growth among…

Americans are flocking to Europe’s hot spots. Here’s where Europeans are going instead

Agosto 19, 2022
If you've been thinking every American you know is in Europe this summer (or headed…
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After the seniors, the youngsters will also be able to travel for free in Lisbon!

Agosto 17, 2022
. Senior residents in the city will be able to travel for free on public…
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Portugal leads the ranking of real estate sales in the European Union

Agosto 8, 2022
Recognized for being one of the safest countries in the world, a reference in tourism,…
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Americans Who Can’t Afford Homes Are Moving To Europe Instead

Julho 21, 2022
More Americans are relocating to Europe, driven across the Atlantic by the rising cost of…
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Alentejo and Madeira among the 50 places to visit worldwide this year

Julho 18, 2022
The American magazine Time has chosen the Alentejo and Madeira among the 50 places to…
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Lisbon is the happiest city in the world!

Julho 4, 2022
Lisbon comes in first place in the ranking of the 40 happiest cities in the…

What is celebrated on the 4th of July in the USA?

Julho 4, 2022
The Independence of the United States is what is celebrated on July 4 - a…
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Interest of foreigners in buying a house in Portugal increases 29%

Junho 28, 2022
International traffic related to the search for a home in Portugal grew +29% in the…
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Portugal is among the ten countries that attract more millionaires. Russia is the one that loses most.

Junho 20, 2022
In the lead is the United Arab Emirates, a kind of wealth magnet. Portugal occupies…
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Costa and Boris Johnson to sign post-Brexit deal

Junho 17, 2022
The prime ministers of the United Kingdom and Portugal are preparing to close on Monday…
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Five Portuguese schools have some of the best Masters in Finance in the World

Junho 14, 2022
Five Portuguese educational institutions appear in the Financial Times' 2022 Master's in Finance ranking, which…
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Portugal will be the 4th most popular European destination this summer!

Junho 14, 2022
In its latest analysis on Portugal, WTTC estimates that next year tourism in the country…
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Netflix movie with Millie Bobby Brown will be shot in Portugal

Junho 6, 2022
The Batalha Monastery will be used as a set, as well as the Convent of…
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Portugal is already the 6th largest olive oil producer in the World!

Maio 30, 2022
Olive oil production in Portugal recorded a 119.5% increase in the 2021/2022 campaign that has…
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Portugal has the 14th largest gold reserve in the World

Maio 23, 2022
Portugal's central bank has opened up its heavily guarded vaults in a small commuter town…
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Lisbon is increasingly becoming an international residential destination

Maio 16, 2022
Lisbon is increasingly becoming a major international residential destination, according to the study "Lisbon Residential…
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Portugal is the 4th most peaceful country in the world

Maio 9, 2022
In these times of apprehension and uncertainty, marked by social inequalities and the outbreak of…
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Brazilian Investment Bank bets on real estate in Portugal

Maio 2, 2022
It is not only the Brazilian upper classes who seek Portugal to work or live.…
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Portugal considered the friendliest country in the world!

Abril 27, 2022
Portugal took first place in the ranking of the friendliest countries in the world, obtaining…
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Group that manages Convento do Espinheiro, Historic Hotel & SPA moves ahead with new investments in Moura and Arraiolos

Abril 21, 2022
Sociedade de Promoção de Projetos Turísticos e Hoteleiros (SPPTH), currently manager of Convento do Espinheiro,…
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Jordy Smith explains why Portugal is one of the Best Surfing Destinations in the World

Abril 19, 2022
Jordy Smith is one of the most entertaining surfers on Earth to watch. His power surfing…
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Jeff Bezos spent Easter weekend in Portugal!

Abril 18, 2022
Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend chose Portugal as a destination to spend Easter. The girlfriend…
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Places to visit in Portugal

Abril 13, 2022
One of the oldest countries in Europe, Portugal boasts a complex history alongside dramatic landscapes,…
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10 fun facts about Portugal

Abril 13, 2022
1. Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe with its borders pretty much unchanged since 1297.  Portugal also…
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The New American Dream is Portuguese

Abril 5, 2022
Currently Portugal has more than 60,000 expatriates who have decided to live in the country,…
InvestmentReal Estate

Foreigners’ home demand rises at the beginning of 2022

Abril 5, 2022
The demand for homes to buy by foreigners grew 21% in January and February this…
InvestmentReal Estate

Lisbon luxury homes in high demand – market to grow 1.9% in 2022

Abril 5, 2022
The prime residential market should grow up to 1.9% this year, an increase that is,…
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Portugal is the best country in the World for remote work

Março 29, 2022
After the pandemic, many people adopted remote work, thus being able to combine leisure with work. The…