The Group


Real Estate

Livingroup Pagani Capital SGPS engages in diverse business sectors and real estate development initiatives across Portugal and Spain.
Our overarching objective is rooted in sustainable growth, underscored by a steadfast commitment to conceiving innovative projects that foster urban enhancement.
Furthermore, we prioritize the preservation and reverence for the unique identity of each building we
Our meticulous approach extends to the discerning selection of investment opportunities, resulting in the curation of a diversified portfolio comprising high-quality, sophisticated, and well-structured real estate projects strategically positioned in prime locations.
Through this rigorous process, we assure our investors of the highest standards of quality and service, thus
solidifying our reputation as a trustworthy partner in real estate endeavors.

The Founder

Degree in Management and Administration
MBA in the prestigious Polytechnical University of Catalunya
16 years of career in Real Estate

“Our service doesn’t finish when we sell a property, our service start when we sell a property.”

— João Pagani Toscano, CEO  

High Qualified

João Toscano

Dulce Baião
Engineer & Project Manager

Nuno Oliveira
Business & Operations Director

Francisca Sampaio
Head of Communications

João Gomes
Project Manager & Engineer

Jorge Moreira
Finance Analyst

Margarida Galanducho
Finance Department Director

João Baião
Sales Executive

João Nunes
Finance Assistant

Telissa Bittencourt
Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Make Excellent
a Mission

The success of Livingroup is based on the combination of qualified teams and the selection of exceptional projects. This selection leads to assets being less prone to market volatility, ensuring a consistent solid return.

Our activity is characterized by the provision of personalized options, always able to adjust to the needs of our Clients. We offer tailor-made investment solutions according to high levels of rigor, security and confidentiality.

Our Values

☞  Solidity

    We value the safety and comfort of our Clients, which we intend to serve over the generations. We have strict internal procedures designed to comply with the most rigorous compliance rules and regulations

☞  Competence

    We stand out by having a qualified team and a network that operates and represents the projects that we develop in 5 continents with more than 40 different nationalities involved. Together we build trust on the requirements of our clients as end investors.

☞  Excellence

    Our commitment is to exceed the expectations of those who entrust us with the custody of their investments and their Clients. Searching in a professional and rigorous way, a service of excellence. We are constantly evolving, defining constant improvement actions.

☞  Customization

    We customize, adapt, and tailor the type of investment to the taste and needs of each client. We believe that this is the only way to satisfy each person who trusts and believes in us.

☞  Trust

    Our financial partners are solid banks, acting as custodians of the entire relationship. Listening, understanding and offering professional support to correct decision-making is their commitment. Its action is supported by an organization that follows the best practices of the business and is guided by high standards of effectiveness and quality.

Our Brands

The success of Livingroup is based on the combination of qualified teams and the selection of exceptional projects.