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Equinix, a leading digital infrastructure company, is set to construct a second data center in Lisbon, with an investment of approximately 50 million euros. This new development aims to enhance Portugal’s strategic role as a pivotal hub for both terrestrial and submarine networks, reinforcing its position as a critical gateway between the Atlantic and Europe, according to a company statement.

Named LS2 International Business Exchange (IBX), the new data center will be situated adjacent to the existing LS1 facility, creating a vibrant campus and a dense digital ecosystem. Equinix highlights that this expansion will bolster Portugal’s digital infrastructure, facilitating growth for local businesses and attracting international enterprises.

The LS2 center, marking an initial investment of 50 million euros, will serve as a crucial link connecting Europe to Africa and as a key communication point for data transmission to the Americas.

Equinix’s global network, consisting of 260 data centers in major cities around the Atlantic and Mediterranean—including Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Genoa, and Milan—will enhance connectivity throughout southern Europe. Carlos Paulino, the general director of Equinix Portugal, notes that increasing demand from businesses in Lisbon and across the Atlantic and Mediterranean underscores the significance and timeliness of this investment.

Paulino stated, “Lisbon has the potential to become a dense and valuable strategic center, and we are excited to contribute to its growth and position ourselves as a cornerstone of Europe.”

The new LS2 data center, slated to open in the first quarter of 2025, is expected to create around 30 highly skilled direct and indirect jobs and will occupy 2,050 square meters. Together, Equinix’s LS1 and LS2 centers will offer over 2,000 interconnections and network connectivity services to more than 100 enterprise clients, 45 networks, and four Internet Exchanges.

Additionally, the LS2 data center will operate on 100% renewable energy and will be LEED-certified. Equinix is committed to achieving global climate neutrality by 2030, making it the first company in the data center sector to pledge this goal, as stated in the announcement.


Source: The Portugal News 

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