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The 2030 World Cup will be unprecedented. The competition will take place on not one, but three continents. Portugal, Spain and Morocco will be in charge of organizing it, but it will start in Latin America before moving on to Europe. Here’s how it’s all going to happen!


The 2030 World Cup marks a new chapter in soccer history. For the first time, Portugal will host a World Cup, which will be played in an unprecedented way. FIFA announced last Wednesday, after the body’s Council meeting, that Portugal, Spain and Morocco will host the tournament, opening in three South American countries.

But before it was official, the president of the South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL) had already announced the news.

Via social media, Alejandro Domínguez announced that the opening matches of the 2030 World Cup will be played in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.


“We aimed high and dreamed big. The 2030 World Cup starts where it all began. The hosts of the inaugural World Cup matches will be Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina,” reads Domínguez’s publication.

The CONMEBOL president also confirmed, by exclusion of parties, that the organization of the event was won by Portugal, Spain and Morocco.


Confusing? It’s really unheard of!

In practice, the 2030 World Cup will kick off in South America and then continue in Portugal, Spain and Morocco. For the first time, the big tournament will be played on three continents.

This is an alliance between the two bids: the winner – Portugal, Spain and Morocco – and the loser, South America.


“The first match will be where it all began”

FIFA’s confirmation is here. And so have Gianni Infantino’s first words. The president of the organization recalled the historical weight of the first match being played in Uruguay.


Montevideu, Uruguai


After all, the World Cup was born on Uruguayan soil. In 1930, the country hosted (and won) the first edition of the competition, beating Argentina in the final.


“In a divided world, FIFA and soccer are uniting. The FIFA Council, representing the entire world of soccer, has unanimously agreed to commemorate the centenary of the World Cup, the first edition of which was played in Uruguay in 1930, in the most appropriate way. A celebration will take place in South America and three countries – Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay – will organize a match. The first of these three will obviously be in the stadium where it all began, in Montevideo’s mythical Centenario,” said Infantino.


The aim, according to FIFA, is to unite the world “in a unique global celebration” of soccer and, above all, of the competition’s centenary.


“Ready for the best World Cup ever”


The Portuguese Football Federation has confirmed, together with the Spanish and Moroccan, the news that our country will be one of the hosts of the 2030 World Cup.


“Each of our countries brings to the table a vibrant footballing tradition, unparalleled organizational experience and an ability to innovate that will surely mark the future of the competition.”


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