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Comporta is a small village of 1100 people on the base of Tróia Península, wich separates the Sado Estuary from the Atlantic Ocean, know for its rice fields and very long beach.

One hour’s drive from Lisbon down the A2 and A12 – or slightly longer if you take the scenic route on an Atlantic ferry from Setúbal during the summer (far prettier and you can spot bottlenose dolphins as you cross the estuary) – is Comporta, Comporta, the most rustic, back-to-nature beach break we’ve encountered to date.

Comporta itself is a sleepy hamlet, but people use its name to refer to the region in general: the Troia peninsula or the Herdade da Comporta coastline between the Sado estuary and the sea.

Made up of seven hamlets (Pego, Carvalhal, Brejos, Torre, Possanco, Carrasqueria and Comporta) and three beach points (Comporta, Carvalhal and Pego), its allure is its barefoot decadence. Tranquil and secluded, but with a touch of class and special atmosphere, its umbrella pines, cork trees, sand dunes and rice fields make the perfect backdrop for horse rides, bike rides, hikes and picnics.

Now, it’s also known for its surplus of American real estate investors and we will explain to you why Comporta is so fashionable!



It’s easy to get there.

Comporta is about an hour from Lisbon and an hour from the Algarve.


The beaches are incredible

Comporta Beach is known for being one of the best beaches in the world. In addition to its long stretch of golden sand, it also has good restaurants with fresh fish.

These beaches are the place of choice for many families to spend their vacations.


There are many luxury hotels there

Comporta is also well known for its luxury hotels and estates.
One of the best known is the Sublime Comporta, a modern and very luxurious hotel with a spectacular restaurant.

Christian Louboutin has also put his stamp on a hotel in the region, called “Vermelho Hotel Melides“. There are 13 rooms in a palace-style hotel.

The Villages of Comporta

A group of smaller villages gravitate around the main village of Comporta. There are easily accessible by car and add to the region’s idyllic natural scenery.

This region of Portugal has remained widely untouched since most of Comporta is located inside a fiercely protected nature reserve, and since most of the land has been owned by the same Portugal family since the 1950s.

In recent years, they have started selling somo of their land, opening up the area to sustainable and luxurious forms of tourism, which are mentioned above.

There are many activities to do there

Go on a horseback ride through comporta, explore the sado estuary, kayaking in Vala Real…there’s no shortage of activities to spend time, alone or with the family!

Gastronomy and culinary heritage

The gastronomy of Alentejo is creative and full of flavors. Bread, pork, and olive oil are the local cuisine’s main staples, frequently paired with aromatic herbs such as coriander, parsley, marjoram, pennyroyal and mint. Much of the produce is sourced from local organic farmers and fishmongers, great for supporting local communities and activities.

Viticulture is also a common local practice, since the wheat fields have progressively been replaced by vineyards. Comporta is therefore a region that offers a great selection of balanced, harmonious, and smooth-tasting wines, matching perfectly match with the local cuisine.

Some delicious Alentejo cheese also commonly features on tables, here, great for cheese aficionados. A perfect way to start your dinner is with a good bottle of red wine, a variety of cheeses, bread, and olives: it’s impossible to go wrong with this choice!

Restaurant Dona Bia is touted as the best in town, but you can’t go wrong on the coast. Enjoy a tapas-style lunch at Comporta Cafe on Comporta beach and grilled fish at Sal Comporta on Pego beach.

And… did you know that Livingroup has two projects just 20 min from Comporta and from these idyllic beaches?


Alhambra Village project


Alcázar project


They’re both sold out, but who knows, maybe in the future we’ll have something new!


Stay tuned, your home in paradise may be closer than you think!

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