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Nomad Capitalist has compiled a list of the safest countries in the world for women travelers.

They looked at safety, gender equality and standard of living, choosing the seven safest countries for you.

Iceland, Finland, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Japan, Mauritius.

These are the countries where you can walk alone at night or talk to strangers without feeling worried about yourself, and Portugal is one of them!

So if you’re looking for a warmer destination for your solo trip, then it could be Portugal. Located in the south of Europe, it is a spectacular country where you can easily meet other solo travelers.


Rich culture, delicious cuisine, colorful castles, and lovely medieval villages that bring you back in time. Add to that welcoming locals, and you will feel like in a true fairytale.

Portugal is extremely popular among solo women travelers for its beauty and safety. You can move around using public transport absolutely trouble-free. Or stroll through little towns all by yourself without feeling watched.

In 2020, when peacefulness in many countries deteriorated due to COVID-19, Portugal registered the lowest crime rates in the past 30 years. And even though it lost several positions in Global Peace Index, it still is the sixth most safe country in the world.

As one of the safest countries for women travelers, Portugal takes women’s rights and safety seriously. It was the first EU country that ratified the Council of Europe Convention on combating violence against women.

Gender Equality

In terms of gender equality, Portugal is on the right path.

Portuguese women hold leading positions in companies, especially in the technical field, where Portugal has trespassed Denmark, Germany, and Ireland.

The vivid progress is also in academia, where Portugal stands out with a proportion of female researchers compared to other EU countries.

Besides, Portugal has great working conditions for women, including salary and maternity leave. The Economist included it in its top 10 countries for women to work.

Life Standard

Did you know that Portugal expats are one of the happiest in the world? It may be surprising, but it makes total sense if we look at the quality of life, ease of settling in, and cost of living.

In Portugal, locals are always incredibly tolerant towards foreigners, solo female travelers included. Even if you travel alone, you will never feel judged or misplaced.

Portugal has a high level of medicine and education and is among the countries with the highest life expectancy.

Stability, efficient government, investment opportunities, and Portugal Golden Visa are important factors that appeal to expats.

Being an expat-friendly country with a high level of personal freedom, Portugal is a safe place where everybody, solo female travelers included, can feel comfortable.

And as it has so many gorgeous places to explore, make sure to add it to your travel bucket list.

Source: Nomad Capitalist

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