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The Campus Advisor platforms works as a TripAdvisor, but for university facilities. Topics such as student diversity, cost of living and arts and culture are discussed amongst users, who share their opinions on universities they have studied at.

Recently, the results regarding a survey that counted with 17,824 participants from around the world were published. The ranking aims “to help future students to make a more informed decision” on which campus will “be the best fit”, according to press release sent to The Portugal News.

The platform may also be used as a tool that can benefit universities. Knowing the feedback of the students, the universities can understand betterto improve, thus working on the features with a lower score and managing to offer the greatest academic environment for the students.

Concerning the most recent data, Portugal was scored in the top 20 as one of the best countries for higher education in the world. Portugal occupies the 18th position, after countries like South Korea and Czech Republic. In top three are United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia, respectively.

Source: The Portugal News

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