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Five Portuguese educational institutions appear in the Financial Times’ 2022 Master’s in Finance ranking, which evaluates the best finance master’s degrees around the world – one more than in 2021.

Nova School of Business and Economics (11th place), Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics (17th place), ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management (34th place), ISCTE Business School (41st place) and University of Porto – FEP | Porto Business School (49th place) are the Portuguese universities that appear in the ranking of the best Master’s in Finance globally, in a Financial Times classification.

Regarding the 2021 evaluation of this Master’s in Finance ranking, Nova SBE went from 14th to 11th, Católica went from 23rd to 17th, ISEG went from 35th to 34th, ISCTE went from 51st to 41st place and Porto Business School is now in the ranking.

At the European level, Nova SBE is 9th, Católica is 15th, ISEG is 28th, ISCTE is 34th and the University of Porto is 40th.

Nova SBE continues to be considered the highest ranked Portuguese school.

According to the Financial Times, with this rise in the ranking, Nova SBE now belongs to the elite group of schools offering master’s degrees in finance.

Nova SBE stands out in the Top 10 in terms of “Work International Mobility” (9th) and “International Course Experience” (8th). In terms of “Employability at 3 months”, Nova SBE reaches a percentage of 99% and in “Overall Satisfaction” it achieves a score of 9.

Compared to previous editions of the ranking, the estimated salary has kept an upward trend, rising 15.5% from 90,000$ (US dollars) per year in the 2021 ranking to 104,000$ in 2022.

The 2022 Financial Times Master’s in Finance 2022 ranking evaluates and lists the top 55 master’s in finance degrees from around the world, considering 19 indicators to rate the quality of the master’s degree and the school on three main dimensions: graduates’ career progress, school diversity, and international research and experience.

This Financial Times Global Ranking ranks the top 55 Finance Master’s programs worldwide from among hundreds of programs on five continents.

Within each of the areas analyzed, each institution has its specific performance.

The MSc in Finance from Católica-Lisbon, for example, is in the world’s top 4 for the salary progression of its graduates, who saw their average salary increase by 73% in the first three years, and is in the 8th position worldwide in terms of career progression.

In terms of the Masters in Finance, ISEG is the Portuguese school with the best career services and the fastest graduate placement after graduation.

Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE, considers that “the results of this ranking are proof that Nova SBE’s ambition to become a top 10 school in the Financial Times ranking is possible. That was the commitment we made to Portuguese society, and we are fulfilling it. Our commitment to grow, to internationalize, and to transform into the skills of the future is generating excellent results. It is also important to highlight the extraordinary achievement of having five Portuguese schools in such a highly regarded ranking. It’s excellent for our country and we are all to be congratulated.

According to Filipe Santos, Dean of Católica-Lisbon, “it is an honor to have our Master in Finance among the 17 best in the world and to be in the world’s top 4 in salary progression of our graduates and in the world’s top 8 in career progression. It is also remarkable how far we have climbed in the rankings, reaching the top of quality globally in just four years. We will continue our mission to welcome the best students from Portugal and all over Europe to give them a truly international career in Finance, with a solid analytical, ethical, and positive impact on society.

Clara Raposo, President (Dean) of ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management, says that “it is a joy to witness, in less than a month, two recognitions of ISEG’s quality in Financial Times rankings, positioning us as one of the best economics and management schools in the world. This is due, on one hand, to the enormous quality of our programs, but also to the tireless work to ensure that we attract the best students, in Portugal and in the world, and that we prepare them to be pioneers, as is ISEG’s tradition, at the helm of the economy of the future. These are clear signs that we are following our path well, with consistency, boldness, and a lot of innovation,” he concludes.

Source: Forbes

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