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In these times of apprehension and uncertainty, marked by social inequalities and the outbreak of war in Ukraine after the invasion of the country by troops of the Russian Federation, peace and security seem to be increasingly rare assets.

The peace “barometer” is therefore a useful tool for tourism, travelers, or those who have to consider working outside their country of residence.

The annual ranking (Global Peace Index) drawn up by the Institute for Economics and Peace, and now released, is not only a useful and credible “tool”, but is also crucial to the evolution or retreat of Tourism.

Portugal occupies the 4th place in the world ranking, a place it already occupied the previous year. Iceland, New Zealand and Denmark take the top spot. Behind Portugal in the Top10 are Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Canada.

Eight of the 10 most peaceful countries are European; the US is on the list in 122nd position, having dropped two places. And, unsurprisingly, the five most violent countries and where security is most precarious are, respectively, Afghanistan, the least peaceful in the world, Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, and Iraq.

Russia already occupied the dishonorable position of 10th most dangerous and insecure country in the world, but surely it risks falling even further down this black list following the invasion of Ukraine and the unspeakable parade of violence its armed forces have brought to Ukrainian soil.

Source: Diário imobiliário

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