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Sociedade de Promoção de Projetos Turísticos e Hoteleiros (SPPTH), currently manager of Convento do Espinheiro, Historic Hotel & Spa, in Évora, is preparing to expand its portfolio in the Alentejo region, Publituris reports.

After winning, in August 2019, the concession of the Convento do Carmo, in Moura, under the Revive Program, the group also has a boutique hotel in Arraiolos under development.

About the Carmelite convent built 1251, in Moura, SPPTH explains that at this time the architectural design is already approved and that, optimistically, the works will start next June, with a perspective of lasting 18 months. If these perspectives come true, it will be possible to inaugurate the new five-star hotel by the end of 2022, as had initially been planned. The pandemic delayed the start of the works and is also causing some obstacles in terms of “protocoled bank financing”, admits the manager, who does not rule out the possibility of asking for an extension of the deadlines agreed with Turismo de Portugal.

The new hotel implies an investment of 11 million euros, will have 50 rooms, spa and indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and complements the group’s bet in Alentejo lands. “As part of the Group’s growth strategy, the Convento do Carmo is an opportunity for cross-selling with the Convento do Espinheiro, increasing the average stay of our customers and taking advantage of several opportunities for synergies, particularly at the commercial level. It allows us to promote a unique region like the Alentejo, with all its identity and authenticity. Having a church, the Convento do Carmo will be another booster for the celebration of weddings”, explains Ricardo Barreto, commercial director of the Convento do Espinheiro.

The same responsible also highlights as strong points “the proximity to Alqueva, with an incredible potential” that SPPTH wants to explore “with the main focus on gastronomy, wines and olive oils.

The group is developing another hotel project that will result from the recovery of the old Arraiolos Train Station. Without giving further details, the spokesperson said that this will be a Boutique Hotel with 15 rooms and a restaurant.

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