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Currently Portugal has more than 60,000 expatriates who have decided to live in the country, 11% of which are American citizens. Christie’s Front Door’s report review for the year 2021 indicates that of the 37 nationalities buying, the American client represented 7% of the overall sales volume, confirming itself as the third most preponderant nationality. With special interest in the Cascais line, almost all the deals were done, the average purchase value was above 1 million Euros.

Coming from cities like Portland, Chicago, San Francisco and even New York, they tend to live mainly in the more urban areas of Portugal. Access to transportation, ease of doing business with English-speaking residents, and opportunities for education, work, and culture are the main reasons why Americans like the cities around Portugal, along with sports, from surfing to golf. And because health is the most precious commodity of all, another priority for those who come to the country is also the health care system. Countries like the United States have an exclusively private health service with very high prices, making medical assistance very expensive. 

In the opinion of the luxury real estate mediation network, one of the oldest cities in the world – with more than 3,000 years, Lisbon offers the perfect balance between modernity and tradition. In the greater Lisbon area, which follows the river and then the sea, you can find all the amenities you would expect from a capital city – museums, concert halls, restaurants, shopping, and an international airport. And just a few kilometers away, you can live a completely different lifestyle in Oeiras and Cascais, close to the beach and sea. And these regions are particularly attractive among Americans because of their city retreat atmosphere and water sports offerings all along the coast.

Christie’s Front Door shares the testimony of a New York family who came to Portugal and chose Oeiras to settle. “We have loved Portugal since we first came here over 10 years ago. We traveled from north to south on the coast and met many different places. We are completely in love with the country, its people, food and lifestyle. My husband is an avid surfer, which is a big draw, and of course the climate is wonderful too. In terms of lifestyle, it is somewhat similar to California,” says the client. Both with important positions in multinational companies and aged between 50-60 years, they chose a villa with independent fractions so that their daughters can have their own space: “We really liked the elegance, the light and the configuration of our new house. The fact that it allows our daughters to have their own private “home” worked out perfectly!

According to the mediator, the tax conditions are also a strong attraction for Americans, and Portugal often leads the ranking of the best places in the world to live. Besides the Lisbon area, there are also American expatriate communities in the Algarve and Porto, and the future prospects for this nationality living in Portugal are growing.

Source: Diário imobiliário 

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