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The demand for homes to buy by foreigners grew 21% in January and February this year, compared to the last two months of 2021, according to data from “Imovirtual”, released this Monday. 

In January and February 2022 there were about 450 thousand house searches to buy in Portugal, by foreign citizens, reveal data from the platform.

“Compared to the same period (January and February 2021), there is a stabilization of international traffic in Imovirtual, with a slight decrease of -3%. In total, international traffic represented 16.5% of Imovirtual demand in the months in question,” can be read in a statement to which the News to the Minute had access. 

Most searches come from Brazil (25% of total international traffic), which occupies the first place of foreign users looking for a house in Portuguese territory. Followed by France (15%), Switzerland (11%), UK (8%) and USA (6%). 

Source: Casa ao Minuto 

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