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After the pandemic, many people adopted remote work, thus being able to combine leisure with work.

The travel search engine,, revealed the best countries in the world to work remotely and Portugal is at the top of the list!

This ranking is due to the various qualities that make Portugal a unique country to live in. These are: the climate, the social life, the low crime rate and the affordable cost of living.

Two other reasons that are highly appreciated by those moving to Portugal are the fact that many people in Portugalspeak fluent English and also that the country has a visa for digital nomads.

Momondo analyzed 111 countries and ranked them based on 22 factors such as: travel cost and accessibility; local prices; health and safety; remote working conditions; social life; and climate. With this, it found the countries where it is easiest to combine remote work with leisure in your free time.

Check the top 10 here:

1.         Portugal

2.         Spain

3.         Romania

4.         Mauritius

5.         Japan

6.         Malta

7.         Costa rica

8.         Panama

9.         Czech Republic

10.       Germany

The data was collected between September 1 and October 20, 2021.


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